Rock, Paper, Scissors/Piedra, papel, tijeras

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Gracias, amigos, por haber propuesto este juego divertido. Así lo jugamos en Darién:

Rules for Rocks Paper Scissors

  1. Hand
  1. Find a partner (this is a two person game)
  2. Each player will punch the bottom of their right fists into the palm of their left hand 3 times as they say “rocks, paper, scissors”.
  3. After you pound your first 3 times, say “shoot” immediately after scissors is said. Each player, at the same time, will choose either rock, paper, or scissor.
  4. Rock is shaped like a fist, scissors shape is represented by 2 extended fingers, and paper is a flat palm.
  5. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissor beats paper
  6. Players can either play 1 round of best of 3, 5, or 7 to determine the winner
  7. The winner of each game is the person who chooses the winning object (for example, If I choose paper and my partner chooses rock)

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