Hopscotch/La charranca

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  1. Make boxes (as shown above).
  2. Get into a vertical line with the first person holding a bean bag.
  3. The first person gently tosses the bean bag so that it lands in one of the boxes. (If it lands in between boxes you may push it into whichever you please, and if it does not land in any box then you are out).
  4. Hop on one foot in the single boxes and on both feet in the double boxes with one foot in each box.
  5. Avoid jumping on the box that your beanbag landed in on the way to the box marked 10, and when you are coming back pick up the beanbag while still avoiding jumping in the box it was in.
  6. If you fall while playing, step out of the boxes, toss the bag outside the boxes, switch feet, or step on the box with the beanbag in it, you are out.
  7. Once you successfully complete one round, go to the end of the line and try again until someone wins.

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  1. Excellent explanation Jonathan!!! Students play that game at the school yard in the primary school where I work. They have the boxes drawn on the floor for children in the first forms to play during breaktime.